Sunday, December 28, 2008

As the year ends I wonder what happened to 2008. It seems that with all we do that we have no time for memories. Usually at this time I answer questions my friend in San Antonio sends every year. It forces me to take stock of what I did. While those are good things to look at, I wonder why I don't notate the memories. Much like the picture to the right. Taking time to look at the trees and the sky. Wondering at the colors. Not only of fall, but year round. The wonderful summer making trips to South Cheyenne Canyon twice a week. All these 'pictures' in my mind are fodder for future creative endeavors. Perhaps taking time to remember the sight, taste, smell and touch of our lives would allow us to savor the richness that we have. All that has been a part of us will never leave. Although we don't want to wallow in the past, it does inform who we are and how we pass on our uniquiness to the world. Let's take the time to pause in 2009 to allow the true story of who we are come to the forefront and share that instead of the busyness we use as an excuse to keep people at bay.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What keeps us from writing

As I write through the nanowrimo event I find myself wondering why I fight sitting in the chair and just writing. Yes, I have carpel tunnel and my hands do go numb, but that is no excuse for not telling my stories.

Ah! there it is. Telling MY stories. In telling the stories I have inside me I am sharing a special part of myself.. That can be very terrifying. What if people don't like what I have to say? What is they are cruel in their judgements? That kind of thinking can stop even the most daring person I know. Well perhaps not, but in my mind this is something that is horrid.

Also is the 'critic' that keeps telling me that it has to be perfect. Perfection is a dream, excellence is the goal. Still that can be an unattainable idea if followed through to it's end. Not quite as bad as perfect, but close.

So what should be done? For me it is taking on challenges to just write. In doing so I learn many things about myself. One: Because I am an oral storyteller, I write in first person. That is the most comfortable arena for me. Two: I write in dialogue. Duh! I write scripts and plays. To take on the challenge of writing something else is a good thing.

To those who convinced me to write the 'novel' in a month, I thank you. Due to your insistence I am learning to stop the 'critic', realize how I write and most importantly that I can write. That is very freeing. Yes, I am still concerned that it will not be good, but hey! it will be written and I can always hope for a good editor after the first draft. Thank goodness for friends.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hello again

I have been away for awhile. The summer has been very busy and it looks like there will be no let up soon. Still I would not have my life much different. There are many things happening and I love the fact that I can be creative and have the life I choose to live.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Taking time to see

I have been away for a while. Technology is a wonderful thing as long as it works. In my case the computer system was not up to standard. Hence I was away for a bit. Now the new system is up and running and I can get back to work.

One thing I have been doing that does not require the computer is writing in a journal my thoughts and meditations on Pikes Peak. It is amazing how spending time each day pondering that majestic mountain in all its' various phases can bring out such interesting thoughts. I have been aware that some things I had not thought of are now in the area of my focus. The idea to ponder something over a period of time came about during a conversation with one of the guest at Seven Falls where I perform as Helen Hunt Jackson during the summer.

He was a former minister who now worked in stained glass. We were talking about people in a hurry to get to and from things and how we miss the little wonders. He told of a lady who spent a year studying a piece of stained glass at various times during the day and night. Her observations she kept in a journal. He said he convinced her to let him publish the account for a limited number of people. Of the 1,000 copies all were sold to people who also had bought stained glass for their homes.

After that conversation I felt that taking time to really look at something was a good idea. I don't write in the journal everyday, but have noticed that I am taking things a bit slower and observing more.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Time and stories

Isn't it interesting how we get started on projects and then we let life get in the way. I had started this blog and then got sick. Now it is time to begin again.

To me this is the way stories are done. The characters start their journeys and then life gets in their way. We as story tellers want people to enjoy the journey our characters take. For those of us who belong to groups we sometimes get discouraged because the groups think they need to make what we do better. That is a great idea, but sometimes I think we just want people to read our stories and get involved with our characters and just tell us they understand. They let us know that the people they have just spent time with were worth that time and they appreciate what we have done.

Having said the above the writer (that would be me in this case) still has to tell the best story they can. So the next time you read a great story, find a way to let the author know how you have enjoyed what they created.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How to have fun

How to have fun. First find something you have never done, or haven't done in a long time. Then forget you fears and just jump in. If you are afraid of speaking to a group of people, find some friends and practice making a speech to them. Have them give you feedback. Learn to think and speak on your feet. Then go find that place where you can give your speak.

Hey, it is only a speech. You may be surprised and how you can survive.