Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Time and stories

Isn't it interesting how we get started on projects and then we let life get in the way. I had started this blog and then got sick. Now it is time to begin again.

To me this is the way stories are done. The characters start their journeys and then life gets in their way. We as story tellers want people to enjoy the journey our characters take. For those of us who belong to groups we sometimes get discouraged because the groups think they need to make what we do better. That is a great idea, but sometimes I think we just want people to read our stories and get involved with our characters and just tell us they understand. They let us know that the people they have just spent time with were worth that time and they appreciate what we have done.

Having said the above the writer (that would be me in this case) still has to tell the best story they can. So the next time you read a great story, find a way to let the author know how you have enjoyed what they created.

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