Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Taking time to see

I have been away for a while. Technology is a wonderful thing as long as it works. In my case the computer system was not up to standard. Hence I was away for a bit. Now the new system is up and running and I can get back to work.

One thing I have been doing that does not require the computer is writing in a journal my thoughts and meditations on Pikes Peak. It is amazing how spending time each day pondering that majestic mountain in all its' various phases can bring out such interesting thoughts. I have been aware that some things I had not thought of are now in the area of my focus. The idea to ponder something over a period of time came about during a conversation with one of the guest at Seven Falls where I perform as Helen Hunt Jackson during the summer.

He was a former minister who now worked in stained glass. We were talking about people in a hurry to get to and from things and how we miss the little wonders. He told of a lady who spent a year studying a piece of stained glass at various times during the day and night. Her observations she kept in a journal. He said he convinced her to let him publish the account for a limited number of people. Of the 1,000 copies all were sold to people who also had bought stained glass for their homes.

After that conversation I felt that taking time to really look at something was a good idea. I don't write in the journal everyday, but have noticed that I am taking things a bit slower and observing more.

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