Sunday, April 26, 2009

On the Road

The difference between this past weekend and the weekend of April 18 is like night and day. This weekend I traveled in a different direction and headed southwest to the town of Canon City. There Red Herring, the murder mystery company, performed on the Royal Gorge Train.

It was a wonderful experience once we were able to settle on a place to store our belongings. The audience was composed of people who were there not only for a wonderful meal, but to solve the case of 'who done it'. Like last weekend it was a great audience. This time however we were back in the 1920's on a 'SpeakEasy' train. There were gangsters, their girls and of course the 'police'.

For anyone who has not taken the train through the bottom of the Royal Gorge you are missing a truly wonderful experience. The weather was a bit chilly, hence the need to store ourselves and belongings indoors, but the view was worth the discomfort. When not in the car with the audience, I took the time to stand on the observation car, breathe the air and rejoice in the views.

I will say it was wonderful not to have to drive in the snow again. Also Canon City is a bit closer than Cheyenne. Both cities are filled with history. Canon City boasts the first territorial prison and of course the Gorge itself has an interesting history. If you need to take a break, why not try a train ride, solve a mystery or just plain enjoy the view. I know I do.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Plains Hotel, Cheyenne Wyoming

This past weekend in Colorado and the West we experienced the spring snow storm. The weekend of April 18th was fun and exciting. Where I live in Colorado, there was very little snow. However I just had to travel a few miles north and I was able to see the snow in all its glory and splendor. So what does the snow storm have to do with the Plains Hotel? Plenty!

The murder mystery we were to have performed at the Briarhurst on April 18th, here in Colorado Springs was cancelled due to the weather. That was not the case with the murder mystery taking place in Cheyenne. Fortunately the roads were passable on the 19th and with the exception of the "white out" due to snow, rain and back splash, the trip to Cheyenne was fairly uneventful. It took about three hours to make the trek. When we were outside of Ft. Collins the roads were dry and the ground green. Going up in altitude the ground again became covered with the white stuff. Absolutely beautiful. We arrived in Cheyenne at the Plains at about 4pm. That gave us time to review the script and get into costume.

The murder mystery was a new one for Red Herring. It was a script I wrote based upon a fictional murder that took place just prior to the sinking of the Titanic. We were blessed with the addition of Margaret Browns' great grand daughter who also performed in the show. Helen understandably took the part on Mrs. Brown. What a great job she did on such a short time for rehearsal.

The Plains is a historic hotel in downtown Cheyenne with great character. The service was wonderful and if I had closed the blinds in the bath room I would have been able to sleep past sunrise. Oh well! (The sun came in through the window which faced east. I could have closed the bathroom door a bit more also.)

The show concluded on Sunday morning with the guests arriving at the solution as to who was the actual murderer. By this time the sun had arrived and the snow was melting. Melting except of course where my car had been parked the afternoon before. Fortunately the two gentlemen who were riding back to Colorado Springs with me were able to give my little car a push and we were off and driving. The return trip took slightly over two and a half hours at which point I arrived home, fed the pets and headed back to Denver (Just east of Golden) to do yet another murder mystery.

All in all a great weekend, with a chance to meet many wonderful people and hear their stories. There was also a lot of drive time, which for me is think time. I worked through thoughts for the upcoming newsletter in my head and tried to stay awake. Since this is being written I was successful in that endeavor. When the issue of the newsletter comes out, we will see how successful that was.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

An interesting walk

Ever wonder about events and their legacy? After a wonderful holiday dinner with friends I left early to come home and resume some of the creative projects I have backed up. After finishing a couple I decided to take a walk and clear my mind. It was trying to rain, but hadn't quite made it. I don't mind walking in rain or snow, of which there was still some on the ground from the morning. As I walked my mind was going over all the things on my to-do list. Obviously I was not relaxing or clearing the mind. Just then as I walked by the park a beautiful black lab started barking and running towards me. I greeted him with a hello and he paused to let me pet his head. I then proceeded with my walk. To my surprise and enjoyment he decided to accompany me. He would take off to sniff something but always return or would wait until I caught up with him. He looked to be well cared for, but seemed in no hurry to return to wherever his home was. We walked for quite a while, taking our time and visiting some roads I had not traveled for awhile. As I neared my own home, he took off. It was like he no longer felt I needed the company. I returned home and got back to work. Whose dog he was I may never know, but he was a wonderful companion for a good hour this afternoon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Salad Sunday

What is a Salad Sunday? Well it has been that kind of week. There are so many different things going on in the noggin' of mine that I decided to just let them out.

We had snow this afternoon and since I love walking in the snow I wrapped up and out I went. The snowflakes began as miniature ping pong balls, but by the end of the walk they were tapering off and I felt like I was walking in a snow globe and the large flakes settled on my coat and the ground. It was quiet and you could hear yourself think. I must say I enjoyed that. For earlier today I had met with a friend at a tea house and it was so busy and noisy I left with a headache. Still is was a great afternoon for the screenplay I have been helping her edit was finished. Now we will do a final edit and see what happens.

I have started teaching again, (acting, etc) and if feels like I have come home. Private students are a great deal of fun, but group classes have a dynamic all their own. The joy of watching the light bulbs go on is a feeling, that to me cannot be duplicated. Then to see each one have the confidence to follow their dream. Well, that's why I do it.

Now it is time to finish up the newsletter draft and get it sent off and do some editing on my short story and novel. I think I can fit that in between loads of laundry or should I say I will fit the laundry in between my writing.

The creative part of me decries my having to do mundane work, and yet it is the mundane work that allows my mind to rest and develop my creative side. Well, whichever way I guess it is back to work.

To finish I will let you know a recipe secret, especially for those of you who cannot eat wheat. I cooked a turkey breast today and to the broth I have added some rice, spices (to taste) and broccoli, cooked it up and then put it in the blender to create a cream soup. To this I will add some cheese of choice and turkey and there you have a great, filling soup.