Sunday, April 12, 2009

An interesting walk

Ever wonder about events and their legacy? After a wonderful holiday dinner with friends I left early to come home and resume some of the creative projects I have backed up. After finishing a couple I decided to take a walk and clear my mind. It was trying to rain, but hadn't quite made it. I don't mind walking in rain or snow, of which there was still some on the ground from the morning. As I walked my mind was going over all the things on my to-do list. Obviously I was not relaxing or clearing the mind. Just then as I walked by the park a beautiful black lab started barking and running towards me. I greeted him with a hello and he paused to let me pet his head. I then proceeded with my walk. To my surprise and enjoyment he decided to accompany me. He would take off to sniff something but always return or would wait until I caught up with him. He looked to be well cared for, but seemed in no hurry to return to wherever his home was. We walked for quite a while, taking our time and visiting some roads I had not traveled for awhile. As I neared my own home, he took off. It was like he no longer felt I needed the company. I returned home and got back to work. Whose dog he was I may never know, but he was a wonderful companion for a good hour this afternoon.

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