Sunday, April 26, 2009

On the Road

The difference between this past weekend and the weekend of April 18 is like night and day. This weekend I traveled in a different direction and headed southwest to the town of Canon City. There Red Herring, the murder mystery company, performed on the Royal Gorge Train.

It was a wonderful experience once we were able to settle on a place to store our belongings. The audience was composed of people who were there not only for a wonderful meal, but to solve the case of 'who done it'. Like last weekend it was a great audience. This time however we were back in the 1920's on a 'SpeakEasy' train. There were gangsters, their girls and of course the 'police'.

For anyone who has not taken the train through the bottom of the Royal Gorge you are missing a truly wonderful experience. The weather was a bit chilly, hence the need to store ourselves and belongings indoors, but the view was worth the discomfort. When not in the car with the audience, I took the time to stand on the observation car, breathe the air and rejoice in the views.

I will say it was wonderful not to have to drive in the snow again. Also Canon City is a bit closer than Cheyenne. Both cities are filled with history. Canon City boasts the first territorial prison and of course the Gorge itself has an interesting history. If you need to take a break, why not try a train ride, solve a mystery or just plain enjoy the view. I know I do.

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