Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stories and Star Trek

You can tell summer season is upon us. In the last two weeks the 'blockbuster' movies season has been out in full force and it shows no sign of letting up anytime soon. For me it is a time of seeing how good a story you can tell and still have the 'visual effects' that seem so much a part of the genre. So far I've seen: 'X-Men Origins' and 'Star Trek'. Both had good stories, but I have to say neither hold up to 'The Soloist'. Still I am comparing apples to lemons or should I say oranges. (Wanted to see if anyone was reading this.)

All of this leads up to telling a good story. No matter what venue you choose to use: books, short stories, movies or TV the basics are still the same. You must tell a good story. I have a friend and whenever we talk movies he always harks back to McKee and the importance of telling a good story. Now we have worked together on films ( not prize winners)that tried to tell a good story. To tell a good story you have to get started. Not every story will be enjoyed by everyone. I would have to say to be 'wildly' successful you need to have at least a cross section of the reading and movie going public enjoy what you have done. To me the success of any story is the 'shelf' life. How many times can you see a story, read a story and still enjoy it.

When I am writing my murder mystery scripts I try to write them in such a way the no matter who the actor is the story can morph into something different with each telling. The same goes for any other story I write. I want the reader, or in the case of theatre/movies, to be able to take something special away with them. My goal is to have the story affect the readers in a special way that is unique to them. To have the story remembered over time. That is the goal of a good story. Will the summer season have such stories told at the movies. I truly hope so.

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