Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Accepting the Gifts

We all have gotten gifts we really didn't want or appreciate. Still we tried to accept them graciously. How many of us have gifts that we don't use or appreciate? Not just those that were given to us by others, but those gifts that make us special.

Recently I had this point driven home. A friend and I attended the Glen Eyrie Christmas. The setting was the great hall. As I sat there in my minds eye I could see ladies from the turn of the century in their gowns dancing or listening to music such as I was. There event was a small ensemble orchestra and soloist along with a choral of high school singers. The music was wonderful, covering early to current compositions. The whole event was just an hour. That hour was the gift given to me. What surprised me was the realization that I had not been using the personal gift I had.

Toward the end of the program there was a sing along. I love to sing, but very rarely do, so I took advantage and sang along. When the program was finished and my friend and I were getting ready to leave the lady in front turned and said, "I just enjoyed listening to you sing." WOW, talk about a wake up call. I realized I hadn't been using one of the gifts I had. By following my passion and singing I in turn gave a gift to a complete stranger.

So many times we focus on the future, the next this or that, that we forget to take stock of what we have to give. We have more than one talent, but tend to focus on only one to the exclusion of all others. By keeping our many gifts to ourselves, we not only short change ourselves, we also short change others who may receive much from what we have.

What are your talents? Are you the compassionate person that others come to? Perhaps you are the one who has a gift of understanding numbers. Are you the one with the gift of gab or storytelling? Talents and gifts are as varied and numerous as the sands on a beach. The joy is finding the special ones that belong to you.

As the new year approaches perhaps it is time to retake stock of all of our gifts. To accept and then share. It doesn't cost anything and the joy of accepting the gifts is priceless.


Kathleen Ernst said...

Lovely post. Happy holidays!

Blanches Place said...

I really enjoyed your post and have been thinking the very same thing. Do I truly have the talents I think, I hope I have? Am I beating myself up, giving up before I even try? I have also heard you sing and I want to encourage to have you sing more. I can easily say, I am a teacher, I am an reenactor, but why can't I say I Am A Writer?

Mary Miller said...

What a great gift your story is. You just gave me the "aha!" moment of the month!

Kimberly Sudol said...

I LOVED this!! It's so true, although, I rarely think about the "gifts" I have that I don't use....until today. I'm SURE there are gifts that are going to waste because I don't think of them as a gift....but you've got me thinking now!! Thanks for that!! Love ya! Kimberly

Michelle Zavala said...

Thanks for the reminder, Doris! And yes, you should DEFINITELY sing more in 2010! Happy New Year!

Eunice Boeve said...

A good reminder. Sometimes we forget that we all have a gift of some kind and not to use it is, as it says in the Bible, to hide your light under a bushel. How common are phrases from the Bible in our daily life. Some, I imagine, use them with no idea of their origin.