Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Following your Heart

With a title like Following you Heart you might think this post is about finding love. In a way it is, but not as most would think. To me following you heart is finding what makes your mind, body and soul quiver with joy. It may be someone or something to love. For me it is creation. I love creating stories, be they fiction or non-fiction, performing in front of an audience and have them respond to my words, singing and bringing emotion to my listeners.

In life I have had the blessing of being able to follow my heart and still succeed at making a living.

I was able to study with the voice teacher I wanted, even though she was not taking on new students.

I went to the private college of my choice, even though the financial expense was steep.

I spent twenty years working in a field that I had chosen at the age of fifteen, and retired at an age that allowed me to continue with my other passions.

I have met and become friends with people who not only support me with their friendships, but also their encouragement in continuing to follow my passions.

I have decided for me the only way to live is follow my heart and know that in the end I will find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

If you decide to go on this journey remember to keep moving and if the road swerves, follow the swerve, it will only be a learning spot along the way.


Michelle Z. said...

Well-said! Following the swerve in the road can lead to some delightful experiences. Nice job, Doris...

Heidiwriter said...

Wonderful. Very inspiring!

PennyS said...

This is very true, in my experience. To live a very full life, or to live the artistic life, following your heart truly and completely --- and having the courage to swerve back on the path after you realize whoops darn that detour --- there's the sparkle. I hope a lot of people read this and are inspired to fulfill their lives as they know best how to do.